BIG IDEA: We Must Listen To People of Color

The first and most important anti-racism work we white people can take part in is to sit down and do some listening and learning. You may feel like you want to do something to help fight racism; but you need to know that listening and learning is the best “something” you can do when you are first starting out.

It is important, even necessary, for us to develop friendships with people of color. But do not depend on your POC friends to teach you about racism and white supremacy. The work of educating white people is draining for people of color, and is often painful or even traumatic as well.

The good news is there are tons of resources created by people of color that you can access RIGHT NOW to start your learning! Check out the links below.

As a final note: Many of the resources I will point you toward are free. But if you have the means, investing financially in writers and creators of color is another great way to help fight racism. So buy those books and t-shirts, and join those Patreon teams!